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Michigan Flyways Retriever Club

Webmaster:  Carol Lowe

Dear Fellow Michigan Flyways Members,

If you’ve been proud of the way this club pulls together to put on a hunt test weekend, let alone 3 HUNT TESTS, you should be!  We are famous for putting on well-organized tests and for the welcome we extend to our guests. However, what most people see are the efforts shown during the weekend of the hunt test.  Very few, only a handful really, know what goes on in advance of the tests to help make it a successful and enjoyable weekend for everyone.

This letter is an immediate
‘Call to Action’for the members of Michigan Flyways Retriever Club to step up and help plan and organize OUR hunt tests.  For the 2019 hunt tests, planning and organizing the events started in 2018.  There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into planning these events and as is true within most clubs, is frequently handled by the same small group of people year after year.  These members deserve to rotate out of these responsibilities and pass on their knowledge to others.

At the Annual Meeting on February 10, 2019, I outlined a division of the planning and organizing tasks by category.  Members are strongly encouraged to take responsibility for a category for one or more hunt tests. Call your training buddies to help you! If we can spread out the workload, then no one person gets burned out.  There are probably many ways to do this, but this is a start.  The proposed categories are:

Hunt Test Chairman
Grounds preparation
Logo wear sales

These categories are linked to a description of responsibilities on our website They may not be complete but will give you an overall idea. I realize that not everyone is able to do heavy physical work like lifting equipment or handling bird crates.  But not all jobs require physical strength. If you are someone who has time to make phone calls, volunteer to be on the ‘Workers’ committee and help find workers.

Heidi Wszolek will be the Hunt Test Chairman for the May 2019 Hunt Test. Please contact her and volunteer to help. WE ARE IN NEED OF A HUNT TEST CHAIRMAN FOR JULY AND AUGUST. Without a chairman, we cannot get AKC approval or our event posted on Entry Express, so no hunt test.

Prior experience is not required. Someone who has the experience needed in these jobs will mentor you.

As always, I am available, as well as any member on the board, to answer questions or concerns.

Thank you for your support of this great club!


Denise Sejalon
President, Michigan Flyways Retriever Club
Phone: 248-247-9088

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