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 June 20, 2020 

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Jodi Muirhead - jmuirhead4788@gmail.com 

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Upcoming Training Dates:

July 12, 2020

Aug 9, 2020

Training Day Organizers! 

We have the equipment, we just need you!

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Heidi Wszolek

Phone:  (248) 755-2688
Heidi Wszolek@comcast.net

Michigan Flyways Retriever Club

Kevin Cheff  Training Seminar 

June 25 - June 30, 2020

Current News

About Kevin Cheff

Who I Am?

People who know me have come to expect in depth knowledge, great communication skills, an abundance of patience and a desire to teach.

Where I've Been

I've spent 20+ years in the field training retrievers both professionally and as an amateur for field trials and hunt tests. I've put Hunting Retriever Champion titles, Field Champion titles and National Retriever Champion titles on dogs. Still, one of my favorite places to be is with a dog in the duck blind.

What I Do

I want you and your dog to be the best team you can be and I'll work hard to help you do that. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

The Kevin Cheff Seminar is still a go!  Be safe by adhering to social distancing guidelines and wearing a mask for yours and others safety!  Thank you!